We use the latest tools to create unseen imagery.

Our technology

Bolt™ High-Speed Camera Robot

“The Bolt™ High-Speed Camera Robot is the fastest of its kind – capturing images in crisp focus that would be impossible by hand or any other method. The Bolt™ adds an entirely new perspective to filming – whether shooting commercials, tabletop work, film or television.” MRMC

Remote Shooting with QTake

Remote production & instant playback of high speed shots & real-time approvals are a reality with Ginger Shots. Our team is well versed and has a proven and secure workflow in place with key technology to enable a seamless remote shooting experience.

Our playground.

We don’t have any office space. We have a studio and a workshop. We are constantly working as a team to hone our craft and refine our methods. Every day we’re shooting tests, building rigs, and experimenting with new tech. Visit Us