TableTop Studio

We launched Ginger Shots in 2020 in Saigon, Vietnam.

We produce world-class tabletop work.

What do we do?

We plan, study, test, investigate, design, create, experiment, engineer rigs, destroy, hunt for materials, do mistakes, research, fail, analyze, observe…

We also communicate, a lot, we rely on the proper network, on a global expert network, we cooperate with tabletop specialist directors & creative minds.

We are passionate about high-speed motion, art direction, visual engineering, physics, on-set visual effects, precision, pixel mapped dynamic lighting…

We operate at the absolute limits of our equipment and materials, our tolerances are measured in microseconds & millimeters.

We enjoy cooking, mixing ingredients, experimenting, we like food, liquids, beauty, fashion & well designed products.

We anticipate, we get ready for virtual production, unreal engine opportunities…

We pay particular attention to the smallest details, we produce TV commercials & digital contents, we deliver bespoke visuals.